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Lincoln Davis


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Lincoln Davis is an American media composer based out of Nashville, Tennessee. His music has been used on PBS, ESPN, HULU, A&E, Lifetime, TNT, and more. Lincoln's producer-turned-composer background allows for a unique sound, pulling equally from modern production techniques and traditional orchestral methods.

In 2022 Lincoln's score for 'Extra-Terrestrial Tuesday' won Best Score at the 54 Film Fest. The following year 'Vessel' won Best Film at the 54 Film Fest 2023, accompanied by Lincoln's score. Other notable projects include the Battlefield 3 Reality Mod Soundtrack and music for the upcoming game Deadly Rain by Firering Studios. Lincoln has worked with many publishers and music libraries including Score a Score, Hypersonic Music, Artlist, Soundstripe, Amadea Music, and Filmpac. He is also the face behind EVOE, a cinematic ambient artist project.

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